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 To visually enhanced space and provide views, improve architectural appearance, bring in natural light and illuminate living and working space.  however, since the use of glass subjects tenants and furnishings to risks associated with harmful solar heat, damaging ultraviolet light and dangers glass breakage, when this can pose serious threats to the exterior space of any building, such as:

Extreme heat creating uneven temperature and severe hot spots -- resulting in strained air conditioning units and high utility bills.
Intense layer making worker living areas uncomfortable.
Premature fading to woodwork, carpeting, drapes and furnishings.

Serious personal injury and property damage in the event of extreme weather, bomb blast, explosions, vandalisms, hurricanes or break-ins.

While decorative accompaniments such as window treatments, draperies, blinds are awnings can sometimes help reduce the severity of potential damage, none address all possible problems.  For this, more and more professionals are turning to the protection of attractive, feature rich solar and safety window films from Armorcoat a films.

Superior Products
For 30 years, Armocoat has set the standard for providing consumers with exceptional window film. Fabricated using the most advanced technology and highest quality raw materials available, these films are renowned by professional and independent installers worldwide for their impressive appearance and consistent performance.

Commercial quality films that are manufactured by Armocoat to provide a simple solution to many of the complex problems incurred by unprotected windows, offering these invaluable benefits:

      Increased energy efficiency

      Improved climate and comfort

      Improved facility appearance

      Added protection from interior fading

      Enhance safety from broken glass

Increased Energy Efficiency
Whether in a high-rise office tower, restaurant, storefront, multiplex, airport or school, windows are the primary source of heat entry in the summer and heat loss in the winter. Premium quality window films from Armorcoat work to maximize energy efficiency by helping to reduce energy demands and ultimately utility cost.

Select films reject as much as 80 percent of the Suns total solar energy for more efficient cooling in the summer. In the winter, some window films act like a layer of insulation to help the building retain heat. So year-round, less money goes to the power company. Plus, energy efficiency increases property value and added benefit for living and/or leasing.

Improved Climate And Comfort
Increased comfort begins as soon as our top-quality window film is installed.  It immediately reduces or eliminates uncomfortable hot spots and minimizes annoying delay or that "washes out" of computer screens and the improved climate can lead to a valuable rise in employee productivity.  Best of all, building temperatures are easier to balance and maintained... which results and happier tenants, business owners, homeowners and building managers.

Improved Building Appearance
Window films manufactured by Armocoat ads elegance to all buildings and homes, regardless of architectural style.  The wide variety of colors in shades complement any interior and exterior design. We are the ideal retrofit solution to give older structures a contemporary look and new construction and eye catching finish.  Best of all, improved appearance is just one of the countless benefits that window films have to offer.

Added Protection From Interior Fading
Solar heat, visible light and ultraviolet light contribute to fading.  Short of boarding up your Windows there's no way to totally eliminate this problem.  However, all window films installed by us significantly reduced excess solar heat and visible light transmissions and reject almost 100 percent of damaging and harmful ultraviolet light, protecting a building's contents from premature damage and occupants from any ultraviolet threat.  It's like a sunscreen tenants and furnishings.

Enhanced Safety From Broken Glass
Accidents and injuries can happen anytime, however, our window films help reduce the risk of glass related injuries by drastically increasing a windows shatter resistance.  This makes glass installed by us much safer, if an accident does occur, the glass is more likely to stay in place, reducing any danger from airborne shards of broken glass.

In evaluations performed after the Oklahoma City bombing, FEMA reported broken windows throughout a 10 square block area.  According to John Colbert son, a legislative assistant and the U.S. Congress, the Murrah Building lacked a simple security measure, safety window film... this film acts like a barrier between an explosion and a contains the glass-holding it together....  You don't have the sharp-edged projectiles that caused massive launch of life. Measures like this would have saved countless lives.

Safety films also offer protection during hot weather and natural disasters.  Since glass related incidents generally include personal injury and property damage, many hospital visits and insurance claims could be aborted or critically reduced with the installation of safety window film.

 Simple Installation
When you make a decision to have solar and safety window film installed on your building, you can expect the uncompromising professionalism from beginning to enda.  Our installers are highly qualified factory certified window film experts who will treat your home or facility with the utmost care and work with your schedule to avoid any disruption of daily activities.

Easier Maintenance
Scratches and imperfections on the surface of window film not only destroy its appearance, but can also lead to performance failure.  That's why a we use a scratch resistant coating and it's applied to every window film we install.  Duroguard is applied as a liquid to the surface of the window film, then with a state-of-the-art ultraviolet process.  As it drives, Duroguard actually bonds with the film to create a permanent, invisible shield, keeping it looking newer longer and since most window cleaners work well with films protected with Duroguard, no special equipment is needed.
After terrorists attacks threaten the United States, Armorcot was chosen to protect our nation's most valuable resources with window film.
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) in Washington D.C. is the final world of energy conservation. To make their own energy use as efficient as possible while increasing building safety the DOE installed over 80,000 square feet to of armorcoat 8 mil 35 reflective solar safety film. The film not only drastically reduces valuable energy loss by reducing heat and glare, it provides DOE employees with comfort of knowing they are safer from flying glass in the event of an explosion, extreme weather or other glass breakage incident.
After seeing what tremendous benefits of Armorcoat, Solar Bronze 35 solar safety window film was provided for Liberty Elementary School in Porter County, Indiana, the school system plan a phased installation of window film in all the district schools.
Soon after the new Federal Building in Fort Myers Florida, was completed, excessive solar heat gain became a problem. To reduce energy consumption and improve occupant comfort, facility managers had 10,000 square feet of Armorcoat Silver 20 installed. The problems were solved and the building now has a sleek, classic finished appearance.
Approximately 120,000 square feet of Armorcoat four mil stainless-steel 30 was retrofitted to the windows of the 34 story Millbank Tower, which is long been a prominent feature of the London skyline.  The safety window film dramatically improved the aesthetics of the building by giving the glass a beautiful, uniform appearance, while also filtering out almost 100 percent of UV Rays and rejecting 54 percent of total solar energy.
Over 15,000 square feet of Armorcoat Clear safety film was chosen to protect the prestigious Ronald Reagan Federal Building in Washington D.C.
To alleviate the excessive heat and glare inside Singapore's breathless City Tower, 77,000 square feet of Solar Guard Silver 35 was install the result was a 50 percent reduction of solar energy penetration and a dramatically enhance external appearance.
When the upscale, 760-room Radisson hotel needed an updated appearance, facility managers turned to solar window film.  Almost 70,000 square feet of Stainless-Steel 10 was installed, creating a modern, sleek new look, increasing guests privacy and notably reducing energy costs.